En Maison is a concierge headhunting firm that
thoughtfully pairs creators with independent, in-house managers. 

Leaning on our team’s expertise within the Influencer, Brand Management, Public Relations, and Legal realms, we utilize our knowledge and network to match creators with seasoned management who compliment their goals, strengths, and needs. Paying careful attention to ensure each match is both a business and personality fit, our comprehensive approach leads to a partnership that allows both creators and managers to flourish.   

Once a match is made, managers enjoy access to a library of business resources, including on-going administrative and invoicing support, legal counsel, and vacation + maternity leave processes. Our structure of independence paired with support provides a beautifully simple avenue for managers in search of autonomy and influencers looking for more tailored business development than offered by a traditional management model.

Please reach out to us with any questions at hello@enmaison.com, or fill out our inquiry form below to get started. We look forward to finding you a trusted teammate to help build the business you envision and deserve.

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Warmly, Team En Maison